The Upper Clutha Range


Location and Description: 

The range is located off the Albert Town – Hawea Road opposite Rapid Number 580 approximately 4 km north of the Albert Town Bridge. Grid reference is NZ Topo 50 sheet CA12 995E 480N. Entry is through the locked farm gate on the western side of the road and follow the defined track. 

The range has six targets/frames at 100metres, one fixed target frame at 200 yards, and hinged target frames at 25 and 50 metres. There is a covered, enclosed shooting shed facility with six prone/benchrest options. 


The Range became operational in August 2013 following agreement between the Club and the lessee, Stacey Anderson, and is situated on freehold land owned by RH and PH Masfen of Auckland. 

The range is available for the use of members of the Upper Clutha Branch and their invited guests. All users are to read and comply with the following conditions of use and as evidence of their agreement for compliance, must sign the Range register and pay a gold coin donation or annual fee as agreed. Outside scheduled events, the range is open Saturday and Sunday only, between the hours of 10am and 4pm. 

Conditions for Use: 

1. The range is restricted to the firing of the following firearms:

  • Rifles – centrefire or rimfire
  • Shotguns
  • Air and gas powered firearms
2. Dogs are not permitted on the range – it is part of a working farm. 
3. The range is for the use of all Upper Clutha Branch NZDA members and their invited guests. It is not to be used by any other individual or group without the express approval of the Upper Clutha Branch committee. 

  • Club Secretary 03 443 5506 mobile 021 0235 6147 email 
  • Branch President 03 443 1160 mobile 027 286 5911 email 
4. The access gate is kept in a locked condition. A key is available from the Secretary by contacting him. A Club Range Officer will only be in attendance at organised fixtures. On all other occasions, members are required to take responsibility for the care and safety of themselves and their guests. 

5. Motor vehicles are to be parked on the terrace to the rear of the shooting shed and at no time forward of the shed gates when opened. 

6. Red warning flags must be erected in the locations specified on the site plan posted in the shooting shed. Erect the red flag which is stored in the tube at the gate to indicate live firing is in progress. 

7. The following person(s) will be required to supervise and oversee any organised shoot: 
  • Range Officer (wearing high visibility jacket) with cellphone. 
  • Any other officer as may be necessary. 
8. Safety first: 
  • Loaded firearms always pointed down range. 
  • Plastic chamber flags (not supplied) or other device/process indicating an empty chamber and an open action are to be used where possible in all breech loading weapons. 
  • Unless firearms are in use, actions must be open and if possible, bolts removed. 
  • Do not leave firearms unattended. 
  • The use of hearing and eye protection is strongly recommended. 
  • All reasonable precautions must be taken against fire and if a fire is detected cal 111. The landlord is to be notified as soon as possible. 
  • The range is to be cleared and left in a tidy condition at the end of firing. Gate to the shooting shed to be closed and secured. 
  • When closed for the purpose of inspecting or replacing targets, a red high-visibility conical traffic cone is to be placed at the 25 metre range target and removed back to the firing point to signify the return of the target party. 

In any emergency 

  1. Cease firing 
  2. Render first aid as per St John’s guidelines ( a first aid kit is only available during organised events) 
  3. Phone 111 for ambulance and give a brief description of the injury and the victim’s condition. Cellphone contact is available at the range. 
The address is opposite Rapid Number 580 on the Albert Town - Hawea highway, 4 kilometres from the Albert Town Bridge, through the farm gate and 300 meters along the formed track. Clear firearms from the range in the event of a firearm accident, secure the accident site and firearm for police to review, A member to be stationed at the gate entrance to guide ambulance staff to accident scene. 

Police are automatically contacted by the 111 ambulance centre. 

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