About us

About the NZDA and the Upper Clutha Branch


Founded in 1937, NZDA is New Zealand’s recognised national body representing and speaking for hunters generally. The fundamental aim of the Association is to ensure that the organisation and management of recreational hunting in New Zealand is carried out by hunters.

Our mission statement is

“to retain, enhance and create opportunities for the enjoyment of legitimate recreational hunting and the sport of shooting, for the members of the Association”

In the current climate, hunting and sports shooting are facing some really big challenges and hunters need to be proactive in protecting their interest. It is most important to belong to some form of organisation that has a mandate to look after your interests as an outdoor enthusiast and/or recreationalist. The old saying “there’s strength in numbers” is very true and every member of the NZDA team adds to that strength. We must support each other, irrespective of your interest. From big game hunting to just having a walk in the mountains, there are many issues which concern you and only a collective voice will assert much influence when confronting the “authorities”.

Monthly Meeting

The Upper Clutha Branch meets at the Wanaka Districts Club, Plantation Road, Wanaka

on the third Thursday of each month at 7.30pm.

The Club offers all hunters, novice, experienced or otherwise, an opportunity to network with like-minded people and participate in Branch activities which include hunter training, organised shoots, competitions, social events and a range of outdoor pursuits. At the same time you will be part of a National organisation, whose prime aim is to represent hunters ‘ interests at the highest level.

Membership forms are available below and from the Secretary and you can contact him at murray.burns@xtra.co.nz or phone 03 443 5506 for a copy or obtain further information about Branch activities and events.